Basic Approach and Targets

Basic Approach

The YAMADA HOLDINGS Group plays an important role in providing comfortable living spaces in response to the diverse needs of its customers in an ever-changing social environment such as with changing lifestyles owing to a declining birthrate and aging population as well as the Covid-19 pandemic. Through an extensive network of 12,537 stores in Japan and overseas, as well as 338 show homes in Japan, the YAMADA HOLDINGS Group is creating a network of stores that are easily and readily accessible for the elderly and people in remote areas.

Targets Toward Achieving the SDGs

The YAMADA HOLDINGS Group is promoting activities to achieve its goals by improving customer satisfaction through the provision of services and products that support customers’ living spaces based on quantitative goal setting and management in line with the priorities toward achieving the SDGs.

Medium to Long-term Policy

Continue to implement proposals that support customers’ living spaces


(Parentheses indicate target year)

* Since the target was set in May 2022, the results will be reported from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023.