Basic Approach and Targets

Basic Approach

The YAMADA HOLDINGS Group regards its employees as an essential management resource for the sustainable development of the Company. As such, the Group is working to create an environment in which its human resources with all of its diverse experiences and values can maximize their abilities, flourish and play an active role, regardless of gender, nationality, or age. The Group is working to develop and improve the abilities of its employees through securing and nurturing human resources and through appraisals. It is actively working to secure a safe and secure working environment that respects diversity and individuality, making it a healthy and easy place to work.

Targets Toward Achieving the SDGs

The YAMADA HOLDINGS Group sets and manages quantitative targets in line with the priorities toward achieving the SDGs, and promotes activities to achieve these targets through the development of its employees, diversity, and a safe and comfortable workplace environment.


(Parentheses indicate target year)