Priorities Toward Achieving the SDGs

Through its business activities, the YAMADA HOLDINGS Group is actively working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Process to Define Our Priorities Toward Achieving the SDGs

In September 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit declared the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for UN member states to achieve by 2030. Not only national governments but also private companies are expected to actively participate towards achieving these goals.
The YAMADA HOLDINGS Group is working to promote understanding of the SDGs and initiatives in line with the SDG Compass. In December 2019, the Group identified its priority issues for achieving the SDGs in order to make further contributions and, in January 2022, established quantitative and qualitative KPIs.


Understanding the SDGs

As a first step, we are making the following efforts to familiarize ourselves internally with the SDGs.

Carrying out training on the SDGs
Handing out SDGs badges
Sending out information in our newsletter
Prominent messages and posters in the headquarters

Defining priorities

We assessed our business and sustainability activities for the 17 goals and 169 targets. We then selected 11 of the SDGs that we will focus on from the following five perspectives, setting out the priorities for achieving them.

1. Consistency with management philosophy

2. Level of contribution to achieving SDGs

3. Contributions unique to the YAMADA HOLDINGS Group

4. Industry trends

5. Consistency with the implementation guidelines set out by the Japanese government

Identified priorities towards achieving the SDGs

Realization of a sustainable society

Building a circular economy and protecting the global environment

By reusing and recycling second-hand home appliances and furniture, we will contribute to the formation of a circular economy, and will focus our efforts on using renewable energy as well as developing and selling eco-friendly products.

Building a circular economy and protecting the global environment

Developing employees and improving the work environment

We believe that people are the most important factor in our business operations. As such, we will educate our employees, promote diversity, and build a work environment that maintains a good work-life balance to achieve sustainable business development.

Developing employees and improving the work environment

Providing comfortable living space and establishing a social system

By offering not only consumer electronics, furniture and renovations, but also a "Total-Living" package, we will become a necessary part of society and will be able to become a Yamada Denki Group supporting customers’ living spaces.

Providing comfortable living space and establishing a social system

Setting goals

We have set specific initiatives and KPIs for the identified priorities towards achieving the SDGs.
Going forward, we will report on each KPI every year while working through the PDCA cycle.

Specific Initiatives and KPIs for the Priorities Towards Achieving the SDGs (parentheses indicate target year)

Medium to Long-term Policiesv Medium to Long-term Policiesv

· Integrating into business
· Reporting and communicating

From now on we have been incorporating our specific efforts and their KPIs into our management plan. We will report the progress on a regular basis, thereby promoting dialogue with our stakeholders.