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Addressing Each and Every Customer to Help Achieve the SDGs

The YAMADA HOLDINGS Group exists as part of the social infrastructure that supports your "Total-Living." To fulfill this responsibility, we conduct business activities with a view to resolving various social issues. In addition to providing customers with a wide range of products and services that make their lives more enjoyable, including not only home appliances but also furniture, interior goods, household goods, housing, and remodeling, today's market demands that we also take a hands-on approach to each and every customer, with the future in mind. In this context, we have created a system to complete the finished goods life cycle within the Group, focusing on reuse and recycling. And in the future we will contribute to reducing the environmental impact on society as a whole, for example, we plan to build an incineration power generation facility to reduce the volume of waste that cannot be recycled.

We have also identified our “Priorities Toward Achieving the SDGs” as a guiding principle for the entire Group in our efforts to build a sustainable society. The three key issues of (1) Providing Comfortable living spaces and Establishing a Social System, (2) Developing Employees and Improving the Work Environment, and (3) Building a Circular Economy and Protecting the Global Environment must be achieved in order for the YAMADA HOLDINGS Group to be needed by everyone for a long time. By steadily addressing these issues one by one through our business, we hope to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Noboru Yamada
Representative Director, Chairperson and President CEO