Basic Approach

The YAMADA HOLDINGS Group positions compliance as one of the most important management issues, and recognizes that, as a corporate citizen, not only legal compliance, but also compliance with social norms is essential. By practicing the Group Code of Conduct which serves as an action guideline for realizing the Group's management philosophy, we are making all of our employees more aware about the issue of compliance and we are working to establish and thoroughly ensure compliance is carried out.

Compliance Promotion System

YAMADA HOLDINGS has established a Compliance Committee, chaired by the director in charge, to ensure thorough compliance throughout the Group. At the monthly Compliance Committee meeting, the status of compliance management at each Group company is confirmed to identify any problems and discuss improvement measures. The Group is also striving to improve its compliance system through various subcommittee topics. Compliance committees are also held once a month at Group companies to exchange opinions and to hold study sessions on issues arising from each company. Content from all committee discussions is reported to the Board of Directors as required with information shared and any appropriate measures taken.

Compliance Promotion System
Compliance Promotion System

Compliance Training

YAMADA HOLDINGS holds compliance training as and when required, mainly for employees in the Merchandise Division who deal largely with business partners, in order to gain knowledge and learn the correct way to manage a store based on the basic principles of legal compliance. Every year, topics are selected that are strongly related to the work of the Group. In addition to voluntary training through online learning tools, study sessions are held for compliance officers of Group companies closely linked to each topic in an effort to promote understanding among employees. The content of the compliance training is also being improved through questionnaires conducted after the training.

Internal Whistle-Blowing System

In order to prevent compliance violations, including on matters related to harassment, discrimination, and human rights, the YAMADA HOLDINGS Group operates a whistle-blowing system by setting up a point of contact as a means to receive reports from inside and outside the Company. Every effort is being made to protect whistle-blowers, based on the Rules on the Internal Whistle-Blowing System, so that any person may be able to come forward anonymously without suffering any form of disadvantage. The Board of Directors regularly reports on the number of reports received, case summaries, results of responses to the reports, and the progress of those reports not yet fully addressed.

Antisocial Forces

The YAMADA HOLDINGS Group has established its Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces and is developing a system in collaboration with external specialist agencies and police authorities to deal with antisocial forces.